Mirror rental

Renting a selfie mirror will enable you to capture the important moments of your events. The Happy Booth interactive mirror is a fun and easy way to take great photos, and will become the must-have entertainment of your evening for both children and adults, who will take away indelible memories!

Magic mirror

Selfie mirror rental

the must-have for a successful evening

Renting a selfie mirror is a must for all your private and professional events. In fact, the magic mirror will become your best ally throughout the evening, and will be a hit with guests of all ages.

This innovative, fully touch-sensitive and customizable photo terminal offers a wide range of functions:

There’s a better option: don’t wait any longer to treat yourself to an original photo shoot that will be remembered forever! Contact Happy Booth to hire a mirror in Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Vaud and Valais.

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Our 2 photo booths

Happy Mirror

Happy Rainbow

Mirror selfie

Photobooth mirror rental

why call on us?

Renting a photobooth mirror is the perfect way to spice up your event and give your guests some great memories. Our latest-generation interactive mirrors are fully customizable and can be adapted to any type of event:

With a mirror rental in Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux or Zurich, you’ll be able to capture superb images and leave with an original souvenir of your event. The Mirror Photobooth will surprise your guests and bring out their joy and spontaneity throughout the evening! You too can benefit from

mirror effect

! Contact us for a free quote.
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Your event is unique
The photo booth mirror will also be customizable

Depending on the theme of your event, we can create different customized frames and boomerangs.

Do you have a special theme in mind? Tell us how to make it a reality! There are no limits.

All you have to do is strike your best pose and admire your image, then print it out and share it on social networks!

Happy Booth

Interactive photo mirror

your best ally for an unforgettable evening

Happy Booth is a pioneer in magic mirror rental in Switzerland. Indeed, when our company was founded 4 years ago, interactive photobooths were still a very rare sight at events. Today, Happy Booth remains the only company to rent out state-of-the-art interactive mirrors, the star of animations.

Choosing Happy Booth to rent your magic mirror guarantees a 100% satisfying experience from start to finish : 

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Discover our photo gallery

Get an idea of all the customizations and uses of our photobooths and discover our photo gallery.

Play, print and share!

Sign, draw and write on your photos to personalize them and stand out with unique shots, then print your images in high quality and share your artwork on social networks. You can print as many photos as you like. The more photos, the more fun!

play, print and share!
Do your best Mirror pose.
Add emojis, write a message and choose your frame.
Print as many copies as you like or send them to your e-mail address.
Frequently asked questions

Mirror rental with Happy Booth includes installation and pick-up by us. Installation takes no more than an hour, and recovery takes around 30 minutes.

By renting a mirror with Happy Booth, you can enjoy a Photobooth that’s 100% customizable:

  • We can customize mirror frames to your image
  • We can personalize the home screen
  • We can create videos and animations
  • We can integrate emojis with your corporate image