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Our photobooths : pick your favorite

Let us help keep your guests entertained and capture your event in the best way.

Take a look in the Mirror

Your guest will be marveled with the quality of our Mirror. Fun, easy to use and ready to capture your best smile.

1150.- CHF All Inclusive

Service animation 1
Service animation 2
Service animation 3
Service animation 4
100% adapted to your party

There are NO limits! All you have to say is “cheese”.

We can custom design frames, boomerangs, welcome screens and animations to make your event unique. There will be no other like it. If you have a special theme in mind, just let us know and we can make it happen.

The Rainbow

It looks chic, modern and fun. The perfect combination of features to make it the highlight of the night.

850.- CHF All Inclusive

Service rainbow 1
Service rainbow 2
Service rainbow 3
Service rainbow 4

Play, print and share

Sign, draw and write all over your photos to make them your own, then print your high-quality images and share your beauty on social media. You can print as many as you want. The more the merrier.

You have unlimited prints!
Strike a pose and say cheese to the Mirror.
Add emojis, write a message and pick your frame.
Print as many copies as you want, or send them directly to your email.

Contact us to book your Happy Booth

No matter what kind of event you are planning, invite us and we will bring the magic:

Weddings, theme parties, birthdays, corporate events, bachelorette nights, baby showers, you name it!

Get in touch. We want to come to your party!

Get in touch.
We want to come to your party!
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